How to get better at Fortnite on Any Platform (PC, Xbox One & PS4)

The Battle Royale genre became a hit since it appeared in the gaming industry. Fortnite is a popular Battle Royale title challenging beginners and professional gamers. It’s played by numerous players from different countries. This game aims to let players explore, scavenge, and loot items to improve in-game survival abilities. The last person (or team) standing wins.

Fortnite released in 2017 by Epic Games. Since then, the game accumulated popularity and is now downloadable for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. However, just installing the game and playing it without knowing the rules can lead to players reaching a “game over” right away. It won’t be fun anymore if a player can’t even score a kill or two.

Switching gears in a split second and building a sturdy stronghold takes practice and long-term study. With this thought in mind, let’s discuss the ways on how to improve skills in handling weapons and surviving on the battlefield with more detail. Here are tips to help you become a better Fortnite player like the pros.

Multitasking in Combat

In Fortnite, each player can build and gather materials. Build defenses and use it as an advantage. However, multi-tasking by switching between the pick-ace and a firearm can be difficult for beginners. Fidgeting over the controls as a beginner gives your opponents several moments to shoot you. It takes practice and familiarity with your chosen gaming peripherals. If you’re using a PS4 or Xbox One, make sure you already know how to maneuver around the controller’s buttons. PC players should know and familiarize their key bindings for better combat practice.

Understanding each weapon’s time of recoil, strength, and holster speeds need timing and practice. It may lead to a lot of mistakes and death as you begin the game. However, gaining game experience can enhance a player’s multi-tasking abilities during combat.

Playing by Player’s Preference

Now, Fortnite has made it possible to let players enjoy the game from multiple devices. Despite being a gamer, a person can choose different pieces of equipment to play this Battle Royale title. Certain players may prefer using the mouse and keyboard combination of a PC setup while others might want to play with a handheld controller on a PS4. Either way, the player’s preference for the equipment can change the play styles and improve gaming to the next level.

Choosing the Right Device

A challenge PC Fortnite players experience is how to shoot opponents with accuracy. If you’re using an Android phone to try and aim but you’re not very good at it, perhaps using a PS4, Xbox One, or PC will help you in this cause. As long as you aim close to your target, let the controller do the rest and shoot.

Console versions of the game have a technology called “Aim Assist.” Since there’s already a slight difficulty of aiming down sights with a controller as compared to using a mouse and keyboard on a PC, games and console manufacturers developed this technology for better game plays. PC users, on the other hand, don’t have this technology so you have to rely on skills, timing, and the right device to successfully kill opponents from afar.


Players may have a hard time adjusting due to the level of sensitivity of the controls. Despite the use of high-quality keyboards, mice, and controllers, lowering the setting of the controls can help steady aims and improve a player’s shooting skills.

Go to the settings by clicking on the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen. Change the controller sensitivities in accordance to your liking. The settings are always available during the game and lobby.

Jumping at the right moment

Finding the right time to jump is essential in surviving in Fortnite. With 100 players in the game, half of them usually jump out of the plane as soon as they can. Although it may be the right choice, think about this analogy – the early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Be patient and wait for a few more seconds or minutes before jumping out of the bus. With fewer enemies on sight, landing on the farther part of the map can definitely give a better chance of survival and better gears. Aim for the far regions to play it safe. Land at the center where all the enemies meet can either be highly courageous or very disadvantages (or both).

Sounds Matter

The audio in Fortnite isn’t just for show. You’re playing at a large map where enemies can pop out of nowhere to shoot you in plain sight. Hence, use good quality headphones and listen to the sounds around you. Footsteps and gunshots can be heard crystal clear in Fortnite to help you pinpoint the location of the enemies.

If enemies are near, instead of running, it’s advisable to stop moving and hide. Ambush is the right choice to take enemies out at certain scenarios.

Gather Resource and Build

Fortnite’s building feature makes it unique among other Battle Royale titles. By building walls, floors, stairs, and roofs, players can gain a higher chance of surviving. By building a stronghold, it can give you enough time to revive other groupmates, heal yourself, or reload guns.

If enemies are already there, building complicated walls can make opponents stagger high and low. With this playing method, enemies can miss targets which makes them open for attacks. Instead of building lower, it’s better to build higher with good support. Spot enemies approaching your makeshift base by doing this tactic.


Most beginners are too excited to shoot. Don’t attempt to kill the enemy right away with your pistol. Other opponents will know your exact location once your shot misses. Surviving in the game means waiting for the right opportunity to engage. By waiting for that timing, it gives you the upper hand and it’ll allow you to stay in the game longer (even if longer means a few more seconds).

If you equip yourself with a sniper, find the right time for the enemy to have a stable position. Aim to gain that perfect headshot. Certain players will stay cautious and hide before engaging. Look for their most vulnerable moments before pulling the trigger. If you do get caught, enemies will either try to flee or run after you. Either way, your opponents will be in an open field. Take this time to hammer them down with bullets since there won’t be any cover in the area. For close combat weapons, tailing the enemy is the best option. Try to hide and stay out of sight as much as possible.

Wood Cover

Players may spam the building feature to rise to the top and aim better and increase defenses. If you see this instance happening, aim for the wooden supports. Wood is fragile in this game. Destroying support pillars will keep enemies from the building.

Supply Drops

During the game, supply drops will come from the sky and players will get a chance to replenish ammo and get better gears. In Fortnite you can spot supply drops by searching for the blue smoke. While enemies race and loot supply as fast as they can, take this opportunity to gun them down. Many players tend to become too greedy as soon as they see a box floating from the sky.

Now we have laid out tips on how to improve your Fortnite skills. All it takes is patience and practice. Practice makes perfect and learning from mistakes can make a difference for the next matches. Once you have enough experience and skill, there’s a chance to win duels. Who knows, you might even make a career choice to become a pro if you’re good enough.

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  1. Well, to be honest, I am quite bad at playing Fortnite. I played it both on Xbox One and Switch but after watching and reading your tips, Oh man, I tell yah! I GOT an 8 KILL SOLO WIN!!! AWESOME POSSUM, Thanks, bud!


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